Monday, May 3, 2010

My Final Reflection

I did a co-teaching lesson plan with my classmate Christine Richardson. We used class time to prepare for our lesson plan. The time we had in the computer lab helped us to brainstorm ideas for our lesson. We met up the day before our team teaching to go over the lesson together. The topic of our lesson was Creative Writing. The objective of our lesson plan was that students would read a poem called “Gone with the Wind”, students would write about an adventure as a butterfly, and students will design their own butterfly. The students would have brainstormed in their journals before the poem was read. After the poem was read students would work together as a class to create their own story about their adventures if they were a butterfly. Each student were to write 2-3 sentences and pass the paper to the next classmate in line. While the other students waited they were to draw and design their own butterfly.

I can honestly say that our lesson plan did not go as we planned it to. The most important thing we tried to teach the students was how to use their imagination and creativity to expand on each others stories. I was not as prepared as I should have been because I did not make copies of the poems as I said I would. Also, we forgot the hat that the students were supposed to pick their numbers out of for the creative writing assignment. When I finally got myself back on track I thought I was set and ready to go, but as soon as the students started to act out the behaviors I started to lose it.I was so used to just doing a lesson plan and getting it over with in my other classes. This time it was sort of a wake up call to how students can possibly really act in a classroom. I felt that some of my classmates were over acting on their behaviors and needed to just stick to their card, but it was a great learning experience. I noticed that being too mean and dry with the lesson will cause the students to lose interest and act out more. It is just a little hard for me to pretend my classmates were second graders. If I were doing this lesson in a real second grade class I feel I would have had a better outcome.

As far as using the podcast went, I think it went very well. The students listened to a podcast of the poem called “Gone with the Wind” after they brainstormed in their journal. It was pretty clear, but we played it twice for the students who needed it repeated. Another way we can have infused the podcast into the lesson would have been playing it as Christine and I acted out the poem. I think that would have grabbed their attention more and got the students more interested.Podcasting is definitely something that I would like to incorporate in my future lessons. I think it will be cool to record myself asking questions relating to a previous lesson, and the class can answer them either at home, during centers, or even as a quiz.

I enjoyed playing the student during many of my classmates lessons. One of them that I really enjoyed was Katie and Kathy's lesson. They were really prepared for their lesson. It included many things such as play dough, board games, and a fun lesson. They really kept the class in control with their token economy system. I liked how everyone's popsicle stick started on green and ass you misbehaved your color changed. It was kind of a motivation to stay well behaved even though my card said the opposite.

Another lesson I enjoyed was Marie and Veronica's. I like how they incorporated learning about primary and secondary colors into their lesson. Even though they said they were not fully prepared and were missing things such as the paint and some activities, I would have not noticed. They did a good job keeping the lesson going even though they were missing things. That is something that you have to be ready to do as a teacher because you never know what can happen in a classroom. I picked up some cool activities I would like to use such as making animal ears or masks to go along with a lesson. Overall the class team teaching assignment was a great experience.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Questions

Geraldine Gelin and Christine Richardson
Questions for “Math Fables

Going Nuts
1. What kind of animal is featured in this poem?
2. How many of these animals are there?

Midnight Snack
1. What do the raccoons do before they eat?
2. Do you do anything similar to that before you eat?

Tool’s Gold
1. Why do the otters have a confused look on their face?

Gone with the Wind
1. Why did the butterflies fly to Mexico?


So we are all done. We finished the questions and our podcasting. Also, I helped my friend Jess in a little poem she made for her partner Lauren who is absent today. There is twenty five minutes left of this class and we will spend it discussing our unit and future lesson plans.

Im Back!!!

Hey Bloggers I'm back! Today is our last day in the computer lab. We have to finish our 5 questions. I will try to put the last touches on everything. When we finish all that my partner Christine and I will probably start talking about our group lessons. Adios amigos:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We finally finished our podcasting of the book "Math Fables". We read four poems from the book. It took three takes today to get it done. We were almost done with our questions, but we have next time to finish up. This was a good experience. Not only was it fun, but it allowed me to really hear myself read. This will help me improve my reading for when I read to my future students. Until next time, good day!

Day 3

Hello!!! We didn't have a snow day. Instead its a rainy day. :( Today I expect to finish podcasting my story with my partner Christine. We ran into a little bit of difficulty last time so this time we have to try harder. We also have to come up with 5 questions to ask our students about the story. We don't have much time left to finish this assignment so, we have to get to work!

Friday, February 19, 2010

So we did some podcasting today. At first my partner Christine and I just practiced reading the book aloud. Then we went to record it and messed up. We finally had one that was good until Christine messed up and yelled AAahhh at the end, so we just cancelled it. Even though we didn't get it down pact, it still was a great practice. Plus it was pretty funny. Can't wait until next time!!!